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Hotel Ceska Koruna
Masarykovo namesti 60
Decin 40501
Czech Republic

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Hotel Ceska Koruna Cheap Accommodation Decin hotel in Decin accommodation in Decin

Hotel Decin Ceska Koruna The hotel Ceská Koruna Czech Crown accommodation Decin is located in the centralpart of Masaryk Square near the Decin's castle.

The hotel Decin Ceska Koruna accommodation :
The hotel Česká Koruna offers 43 rooms including
15 Business Class rooms. Rooms equipped with a bathroom, telephone, TV, satellite receiver. Business Class rooms equipped with a bathroom, hairdryer, TV, satellite receiver, minibar and telephone with internet connection possibility. The one hotel room category Business Class is special conform to disabled person.

The hotel in Decin Ceska Koruna restaurant :
In the pleasant hall of the hotel restaurant with 80 seats we offer lunchtime menu and a great assortment of meals of the Czech as well as international cuisine all day long .

The hotel Ceska Koruna accommodation in Decin Cafe :
The cafe with 48 seats is a part of the hotel .

The hotel Ceska Koruna accommodation in Decin Summer garden :
The summer garden with 70 seats offers food specialties made on lava barbecue .

The hotel in decin Ceska Koruna decin Environs :
The town Decin is an ideal starting point for tours and trips to the Bohemian Switzerland and Labe Sandstone Region.

The hotel Ceska Koruna Accommodation in Decin The Town of Decin :
The town itself offers to its visitors a wide range of cultural and sporting entertainment such as museum, thermal swimming pool, tennis courts, indoor sports stadium etc.

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