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Pension Cesky Dvur
Nova Ves 16
Postupice 25701
Czech Republic

Current weather:
Pension Cesky Dvur accommodation Postupice Current weather: jasno andaily temp.: 7 °C
night temp.: 0 °C
wind: 23 m/s


*** Pension Cesky Dvur accommodation Postupice

Pension Postupice Cesky Dvur Boarding house and horse stable-room Cesky dvur is situated 10km southwards from Benesov u Prahy in beautiful hilly scene near woods, meadows and fields.

Boardin House Postupice Accommodation Cesky Dvur:
Simple rooms, double rooms and threebed rooms are equipped wit sanitary facility (WC, shower and wash-basin). Some rooms have TV-SAT and telephone.

Accommodation Postupice Cesky Dvur - Restaurant:
The restaurant is friendly equipped, dispose of 30 places, in Summer 12 places more on the sun deck. On the menu you can find our specialities of chicken meat, meatless food, salads, raclette, cheese fondue, fondue bourgignone and fondue chinoise, or on many choices prepared huck, carp or sea fruits.

Postupice Accommodation Boarding House Cesky Dvur - Service:
You can use whirpool and in summer you can swimm in outside swimming pool or in lakes near by, or in Swimming pool in Benesov. We are lending bicykles, you can play table-tennis or volleyball. In winter you can skate on frostbound lake in front of our boarding house or go ski-hiking .

Pension Postupice Cesky Dvur - Parking Pension Postupice Cesky Dvur - Restaurant - On Site Pension Postupice Cesky Dvur - Cafe in the hotel .Pension Postupice Cesky Dvur - In hotel Internet connectionPension Postupice Cesky Dvur - Rooms With TVPension Postupice Cesky Dvur - bathroom with Bathtub Pension Postupice Cesky Dvur - WC in the roomPension Postupice Cesky Dvur -  Phone in the Room .