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Pension Stara celnice
Celni 5/ 407
Hlucin 74801
Czech Republic

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*** Pension Stara celnice accommodation Hlucin

Pension Hlucin Stara celnice
Pension "Stara Celnice" is located in the vicinity of "Hlucinske" lake, which is an ideal place for recreation and to make pleasant leisure especially in the summer months.

Pension Stara celnice Hlucin Accommodation:
We offer accommodation in three apartments in the attic with a view of the surrounding landscape. One apartment is double and two apartments are 4 bedded. The price includes the breakfast. In each apartment is possible deliver an extra bed.

Pension Hlucin Accommodation Stara celnice restaurant:
The pension has also PIZZERIA and by wood cover restaurant with a fireplace. We offer not only the home-cooking, but also "hlucinske" specialties.

Pension Hlucin Accommodation Stara celnice city Hlucin:
The earliest history of the city Hlucin, where is situated the pension Stara Celnice is to be found on the schedules of the castle Landek, because the oldest city in these times, belonged to this castle. It is assumed that the founding list was issued by the Czech King Premysl Otakar II. The establishment of the city Hlucin probably was in 1256 when the king arrived to "Opavsko" to participate in Opava of municipal assembly, where they solved the border disputes between Moravia and the Polish Principality. Disputes concerning the extensive forests and villages that existed for many years, and therefore they explored the ways, how to resolve the border dispute peacefully. The king abstained in Opava region in the month of June and July of 1256 and the king's presence was certainly used to issue for edition of a founding document of a town. Because this document hasn´t survived, we can not say anything about the establishment of a closer.

The oldest surviving document is from the 28 of january 1303, which clearly makes it clear that Hlucin city has its fojt, the own right and craftsmen. In this document lord of Landek, master of our city Siegfrid (Zibrid) Baruch confirms the city-property of grassland at the river Opavice, called "Granysyna = Hranicina", which donated previously King Premysl Otakar II. to the city.

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